Your company is growing, Teamleader grows with it! Every standard Teamleader account can be accessed by two employees and can always be expanded to include more. 

Before starting the process of adding new employees two conditions must be fulfilled:

  • You must be an ‘administrator’ in Teamleader. If you want to expand the number of administrators or, for example, add a HR manager as administrator please contact our support.

  • You must have sufficient user licenses to add a new employee.To see how many user licenses you still have left, please consult this page in your Teamleader account (only accessible for administrators). If you still have to buy extra seats, please read this article first.

If both conditions are fulfilled, you can add employees by following the next steps:

1. Navigate to “Settings” and click “HR” in the submenu at the top of the page.

2. Click the “+” symbol next to “Users".

3. Now you can start adding the data of your employee in the pop-up screen.


  • “Username”: the name with which your employee will log in. Note that this has to be completely unique. Using an email address is definitely the safest username
  • “Real name”: the full name of your employee, first and surname, so that you can find him or her in the planning or to assign tasks or calls.
  • "Username": the username can't contain special characters, spaces or accents.
  • “Email”: the email address at which the employee will receive his login details and other notifications from Teamleader
  • “Password” and “Repeat password”: this is the password for the first login of your employee. Of course, the person himself may change this as soon as he has logged into Teamleader for the first time.

4. Give your employee access to the right modules by clicking on the sliders

5. Click "Save".