Leave is an overall term for the days your employees aren’t working. It contains holidays, maternity leave, sick leave...

In the following article we will explain:

  • How to create different types of leave
  • Adapt different kinds of leave for specific users
  • Configuring leave for a new year

How to create different types of leave

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and click “Holiday management
  2. Click on the “+” symbol next to “Vacation types”
  3. Define all of the parameters of the vacation type:
  • “Deadline” is how many days in advance a leave must be requested
  • “Duration blocks” determines if the employee has free choice of his hours or has to choose full days
  • Unlimited indicates whether a colleague can take an unlimited amount of holidays or whether it is limited.
  • Approval needed states whether colleagues need to ask for permission to go on holiday or not.

4. Click on “Save

Adapt different kinds of leave for specific employees

When the basic settings of a leave type do not apply to all employees, you’re able to adapt that leave on the employee’s level:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and click “Users
  2. Click on the name of a user
  3. In his/her account there will be a block named “Vacation types”. Click on the pencil next to the vacation type that you want to change

  1. In the pop-up screen you can enable the vacation type for the employee. This can be handy for example maternity leave. You can also “overwrite” the terms for a certain type of leave.

Just remember: if you’re editing the general types of leave again, you’ll be asked if the settings for all users, including those with customized holidays, can be reset to your new parameters

  1. Click on “Save

Configuring leave for a new year

If you’re getting ready for the new year, you probably want to make your coworkers happy with the new leave planning - and right you should! Just be careful not to change anything in the current (or past) year. This would make the holidays of the previous year disappear.

So you need to create every type of leave again for the upcoming year.