1. Navigate to the user icon in the top right hand corner and click on My profile.
  2. Go to your calendar. Click on a single day or click and drag to select multiple days on which you wish to take leave
  3. Select the kind of leave you prefer from the dropdown menu
  4. You then have two options:
  • Select “Yes” next to “All day” to take the entire day off.
  • Deselect “Yes” next to “All day” in order to specify the hours. That way you can also take half a day off

Note: It is possible that you do not have the option to select specific hours. Then the administrator of your account specified under Settings > Holiday management > Vacation types that this leave type can only be taken in full days.

5. Click “Add”. Now your request is sent for approval.

6. As soon as your request has been approved, the colour will become darker