If you want to create a quotation for a customer who does not speak your language, you only need to make sure that the language within the contact or the company is set correctly. This can be done by clicking on the pencil next to the contact or company's name and going to 'Language'.

Teamleader Focus translates the quotation and every other document automatically in the language according to the settings within your customer.
Note that we will only translate documents to Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Other languages will fall back to English.

Yet, you need to pay attention to several things.

  • The names of your articles need to be translated, otherwise Teamleader Focus has no way of knowing what their translation is. Check here to find out how you can translate the names of your articles.
  • You need to write the text for your quotation in the target language or create and choose a template in the according language. You can create a quotation text via Settings > Deals and Quotations > 'Templates for quotation introduction text'.
  • Teamleader Focus can only translate those parts of your quotation where shortcodes have been used. If you chose to put a fixed text on your quotation, you need to be aware that this will not be translated. If you still want to work with a fixed sentence but also want it to be translated, you should work with 'Extra shortcodes'.

    When you go to Settings > Document layout, you can click on any document where you want to make changes. Below the preview you will see the button 'Shortcode list'. At the very bottom of this list, you have the option to create own shortcodes and also to translate those. If the language is available, also those shortcodes will be translated accordingly.

  • In case you fill in a contact person of a company when creating a quotation, you need to make sure that the language of this contact person is set correctly as well. Teamleader Focus will always choose the language of the contact person over the language of the company.
  • You can also translate the price units on your documents by going to Settings > Products > Price units > Click on the pencil next to the unit > Add translation > Select your language and give your unit a name. The right translation of your price unit(s) will be chosen based on the language of your customer.

The same counts for the following documents you create in Teamleader Focus:

  • Invoices
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery notes