In case you accidentally created a contact or a company twice, you always have the possibility to merge two contacts or companies.


  • You cannot undo the action of merging a contact or company. So be sure to double check if you really want to merge two contacts or companies. 
  • The example below is based on contacts, but merging companies is done in the same way. 

Merging contacts

1. To merge two contacts, go to the detail page of one of them via Contacts. Click on the three dots at the very top next to “Contact information”.

2. Select “Merge contact” which brings you to the screen below. Fill in the second contact - the other contact you would like to merge. 

3. If your database contains a contact with a similar name, Teamleader Focus will ask you if you want to merge these two contacts. You can always select another contact to merge with.

4. Once you click “Do now”, you will be taken to the screen below, if the data for both contacts doesn't match exactly. 

5. Select which fields you'd like to maintain after the merge, and click "Merge contact" to proceed.