The Outlook email add-in (Office 365 Outlook) is a great extension that allows you to do five things:

  1. Add unknown contacts to Teamleader Focus from your email account
  2. Track incoming email to the right contact
  3. Track outgoing email to the right contact
  4. Convert an incoming email to a task in Teamleader Focus
  5. Convert an incoming email to a ticket in Teamleader Focus

The add-in works:

  • For all versions of Outlook equal to or higher than version 16.0.11629. Keep in mind that you need an Office 365 account to use the add-in, but that the add-in is not available for Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home accounts.  
  • On all platforms (web, desktop & mobile)
  • On both Windows and Mac
  • For all browsers except Safari; please use another browser

Do you prefer to watch our instructive video on installing the add-in first? You can do so right here:

How does it work?

You can install the add-in via the Teamleader Focus Marketplace. After installing the add-in, you'll be asked to log in once with your Office 365 credentials. After that, the set-up of the add-in is completed!

Note: If you're an Azure admin, and you're trying to install the add-in, you'll get redirected to the admin center and the add-in won't immediately be added to your user. In that case, you'll have to add the add-in via the admin center of Microsoft. After installing the add-in, it can take 12 hours to appear in your mailbox.

Now you can start tracking your emails. This example shows how to track emails in Outlook for Web, but the integration works the same way for all platforms.

  1. In Outlook for Web, go to the email you want to track and click on it to open it. 
  2. In the top right-hand corner you'll see three dots.
  3. Click on Teamleader. 
  4. Teamleader Focus will search for the sender’s name in your CRM database. If the email address is not in Teamleader Focus yet, you’ll be able to add the contact in Teamleader Focus by clicking on Add contact to Teamleader.
  5. Click on Track to track the email directly to the sender’s detail page. The email will appear in the activities at the bottom of the contact page.
  6. By clicking the three dots next to the sender, you’ll be able to:
  • Create a follow-up task from the email.
  • Create a ticket from the email (feature available in our Boost package and in the Shared inbox Booster).
  • View the contact in Teamleader Focus.

You can track outgoing emails in a similar way. When composing a new email, click on the three dots right here and click on the Teamleader Focus symbol.
By clicking on it, a screen will appear on the right that will enable you to track the email you’re sending to the right contact in your CRM.

Link multiple Outlook email addresses to same Teamleader Focus user

With the Outlook add-in, it’s also possible to link multiple email addresses within the same Office account to one Teamleader Focus user. If all these email addresses are part of the Office 365 license, they can all install the add-in separately on each of those accounts. In the settings of the add-in you can connect to the same Teamleader Focus user.