After creating one or multiple quotations, your lead now only needs to accept one of them. Piece of cake, we’d say.

First, you need to decide whether you'd like to use CloudSign or paper versions. When sending your quotations via email, you can create an email template via settings to save time, as you do not want to draw up the same email over and over again.

You can manually mark a quotation as “Accepted”, but you can also use CloudSign. This enables your customers to view their quotations online and sign them right there on the spot. Teamleader Focus will then change the deal status of the linked deal automatically to “Won”. Woohoo! Because customers can already access the quotation(s) via CloudSign, we advise you to leave out the pdf version of the quotation in your email.

The next steps depend on your process:

  • Would you need to send an order confirmation? Click here.
  • Do you want to convert a quotation into an invoice? Click here for an advance invoice or for a total invoice.
  • Do you want to create a project? Check here.

In case the quotation wasn't accepted and your linked deal is lost, you can fall back on the loss reasons you can define in Settings > Deals and Quotations. The difference between a lost deal and deleting a deal is explained in this article.

You are now all set for your deals and quotations. Check here for an overview of all articles on how to get started with Teamleader Focus.