Do you want to create a credit note in Teamleader? Just follow these steps. 

Create a credit note 

  1. Go to "Invoices" and select the invoice you want to create a credit note for. 
  2. Choose "Credit note" at the bottom of the top left box. 
  3. You will now see different items as they are listed on the invoice. Credit the entire invoice or delete items by clicking on the bin on the right if you only want to credit part of the invoice. 

4. Click "Save" to add the credit note to the invoice. 

View the credit note

Want to have a look at the credit note? Go to the respective company or contact in your CRM and scroll down to "Invoices/Credit notes".

If you'd like to view your credit note as a PDF file, open the credit note and select the PDF icon in the top left corner to download the file. Here, the invoice reference will also be mentioned on the credit note

Send your credit note to customers

When you open the credit note, choose "Send" on the bottom of the top left box. You will have 3 options for sending the credit note:

  • Via email
  • Via postal service
  • Manually

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