Note: Due to a change in legalities, costs, and demand, Twilio only offers a limited variety of voice numbers. We can't guarantee that a number will be available for your region. This integration is only available for customers that already bought a Twilio number before January 1st, 2020.

To ensure the best possible quality of calls, we advise to use the latest version of Google Chrome and a stable internet connection. A cable connection will give you the best result - a room with different Wi-Fi signals can affect the quality. 

Possible problems you can experience:

You cannot call from Teamleader Focus

  • Check if your browser settings allow access to your microphone or headset. In Chrome you can change this at the top right via Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings. Select 'Microphone' and make sure is allowed. If this address is blocked, make sure to delete it so Teamleader Focus can make a new connection the next time you start a call.
  • Check if your router gates and firewall allow Twilio.

    Attention: Because of a change in local regulations, any Belgium national (+3278) and/or toll free (+32800) numbers in your Twilio account are no longer capable of making outbound calls. The numbers are still fully functional for receiving inbound calls; it is only outbound dialing that no longer works. We deeply regret any inconvenience.

    If you’d like to place outbound calls from within Belgium, you have two options: 
    • You can provision a Belgium local number; please note that you’ll need an address within the country to purchase a Belgium local number. 
    • You can provision a Belgium mobile number (+3246). These numbers do not require an in-country address.

The person I'm calling cannot hear me

  • Check if your headset or microphone is connected correctly to your computer.
  • Make sure the right in and output are selected in the sound settings of your computer.
  • Make sure you're not muted, neither your computer nor your headset/microphone.

The sound falters during a call

  • Preferably use a headset instead of the built-in speakers in your computer.
  • Try to avoid as much ambient noise as possible.
  • Make sure your computer has enough RAM and processing capacity. Close the programs you're not using.

The sound is not consistent

  • Check the speed of your internet connection. An instable connection could result in loss of audio. You can check your speed here.

I hear a call coming in twice

  • Make sure you only open Teamleader Focus in one tab. Each tab where you have opened Teamleader Focus, will receive the call.

I'm calling, but still hear a second call coming in

  • Again, make sure you didn't open Teamleader Focus in multiple tabs.

Are you still experiencing issues after these checks? Don't hesitate to contact us via our support. We're happy to help!