Which documents can be renumbered?

It is possible to let us change the numbers of the following documents:

  • invoices

  • credit notes

  • deals

  • projects

  • orders

What do I need to know?

  • This will only change the number after the prefix of the invoice, you cannot delete the prefix, which is actually the name of the fiscal year that you can change in your account.

  • The number cannot start with a zero.  2018 / 000056 won't be possible, 2018 / 56 or 2018 / 17000056 is possible.

  • You can only change the numbers of existing documents and the new ones will follow that numbering, you cannot let the next one that still needs to be created magically have another number without changing an existing number. If you want the next invoice to be, let's say, 34890, we cannot do this without changing the number of the most recently created invoice. 

  • The next invoice you will create after the renumbering will have the next number in logical order. If you had 20 invoices in you account and you let us change 2017/20 to 2017/2987, the next invoice you create will automatically have the number 2017/2988.

  • We cannot change the number to a number lower than the starting number. If your deals have the numbers 200-897, we cannot change 897 to 1, because this will create a mess after creating 200 more deals.

  • Deals, projects and orders do not have a different numbering per year (as opposed to the fiscal years of invoices and credit notes). This is why it's not possible to start the numbering anew (cf. see above "We cannot change the number to a number lower than the starting number"). We can distinguish between different calendar years however by renumbering the first deal of the year 2020 to 2020001 for example.

Let us know what you want

To request a document renumbering, please fill in the following list and send it to our support service

  • The number of the account that needs the changes. You can find the account number by clicking on your user icon in the top right-hand corner > My profile. 

  • The document type:

    • Invoices: mention the fiscal year and the company entity

    • Credit notes: mention the fiscal year and the company entity

    • Deals

    • Projects

    • Orders

  • The from document number that needs to be changed into another number.
    For example: you have deals from 1-318 and starting from deal 305 you want it to renumber to 180301. Then we change 305 into 180301 and all the following deals will automatically follow this new numbering.

After renumbering of deals & invoices

Deals & quotations

After renumbering of your deals it's important to know that the quotation numbers of the already existing quotations remain the original ones. Only the quotations generated from deals after the renumbering will automatically get the right numbering.
In order to resolve this you need to save the quotation(s) again for the number(s) to change to the new one(s).

For invoices the same solution applies: save the invoice(s) again in order for the document(s) to be regenerated with the right number(s).