As you already might know, it's not possible to send a test invoice to the Italian Tax Agency since the Revenue Agency would receive a fake invoice and there is no way to cancel an invoice once it has been sent. This would have severe tax-related consequences. This explains why the YouDOX integration on our Marketplace is not activated by default in accounts that use our invoicing module. This applies both to our customers and to our leads who are testing the free Teamleader Focus trial. 

Are you interested in using our integration for e-invoicing? In this article you can find more information on the general work flow of the integration, sending and receiving e-invoices. 

If you would like to test the YouDOX integration, we have created a demo integration that is not connected to the platform of the Italian Tax Agency. This will allow you to simulate the invoice flow between Teamleader Focus and YouDOX without running the risk of sending the invoives to the Tax Agency and without the risk of making irreversible mistakes. 

You can use this link to activate the demo integration. To set up the integration, please read this article.

After running some tests you've decided to activate the live integration to your account? Then get in touch with our customer success department by sending an email to We will be happy to give you all the necessary information and help you setting up the live integration. 

NOTE: the demo integration needs to be removed before installing the live integration.