Note: Due to a change in legalities, costs, and demand, Twilio only offers a limited variety of voice numbers. We can't guarantee that a number will be available for your region. This integration is only available for customers that already bought a Twilio number before January 1st, 2020.

You might have heard about our VoIP integrations already. These integrations allow you to call & receive calls out of Teamleader Focus and have all calls logged directly in your CRM. Sounds like a great asset for your account, right? However, chances are that you’re already using an active phone number for your company and don’t want to change it to a new one. In this case, there is a possibility called ‘port’ that allows you to port your existing phone number to Twilio, one of our VoIP providers. Note, however, that this process is not yet automated (we’re still in beta) and that it might take a little while until it’s completed. In order to speed up the process, this article provides all the information to apply for a porting to Twilio.

Availability per country

Note: the phone number has to be a geographical one. If this is not the case, the number is not available for port, no matter what country you’re in.

The NetherlandsAvailable for port
SpainAvailable for port
FranceAvailable for port
GermanyPort is on hold at the moment, Twilio is looking for a new provider
ItalyTwilio is not offering ports at the moment
BelgiumTwilio is not offering ports at the moment

Who to contact?

When you request a port, you immediately contact Twilio (  with all the informations listed below. If your assigned contact person at Twilio needs any clarifications or additional information, you will be contacted via this address. 

What information is needed?

Depending on the country you’re in, the following information should be provided to Twilio

The NetherlandsA LOA (see attachment at the end of this article)
The most recent bill copy of the number(s) that have to be ported
SpainA LOA (see attachment at the end of this article)
The most recent bill copy of the number(s) that have to be ported
FranceOnly the following details are required
- phone number(s):
- current provider name:
- company name (Nom de l'entreprise):
- postal address (Adresse):
- postcode (Code postal):
- city (Ville):
- country (Pays):
- valid RIO code (Code RIO valide):
- NAF code:
- SIRET code:

Note: it's very important that the address matches with the number(s)' prefix.


1. Port cost

Teamleader pays for the cost of the port, so there's no charge in it for you! 

2. License cost

When you port your number, you basically switch providers. This means that you will now pay for a phone license at Twilio. Depending on the country you're in, the cost for your Twilio license differs:

How long does it take until my number is ported?

As mentioned before, we are still in a test phase of porting numbers to Twilio. This implies that the process is not yet automated and it might still take up to one month until the phone number is ported successfully. However, this does not mean that you won’t be able to use your phone number during this period of time (we want to limit this to an absolute minimum). 

During this month, the following things happen:

  • You contact Twilio by email with the necessary information 
  • Twilio processes the request, additional information is gathered.
  • Twilio gets in touch with your current carrier 
  • Twilio plans a portability date
  • Changes in Teamleader Focus & Twilio are made 
  • Execution of the port

This process implies that you sometimes have to be a bit patient, but you can obviously contact us or Twilio at any given point in time to check the status of your porting. 

You can find more general information about porting numbers to Twilio on their website: