Does your customer struggle to pay your invoices, did their company run out of business or did you simply end the collaboration with him or her? Then you can deactivate this customer easily in your CRM in Teamleader Focus. Read everything there is to know about deactivating a contact or company here.

You can deactivate a contact or company by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your contact/company

  2. Click on the three dots next to contact/company information

  3. Click on Deactivate

    If you have linked invoices and/or subscriptions for this customer, a pop-up will be shown to ask what you want to do with the outstanding invoices and active subscriptions for this customer:

    • Subscriptions: If you’re on our Move or Boost plan and have active subscriptions for your customer, these will be deactivated if you check the box.
      ! Subscriptions cannot be reactivated once they are deactivated, this action is irreversible. 

    • Invoices: All linked invoices of this customer will be put ‘on hold’ if you check the box; this means that all automatic reminders of these invoices will be disabled.

  4. On the detail page of your contact or company a visual indication of the deactivation will be visible with a banner.

    Which user deactivated the customer and when is also displayed in the activities of the contact or company.

  5. You can always reactivate the contact or company afterwards if needed by clicking on the three dots again next to the contact/company information and clicking on Reactivate.

    • However; all related invoices will still have the status ‘on hold’ and you’ll need to manually mark them as ‘no longer on hold’ if you want to reactivate them. 

    • ! Subscriptions cannot be reactivated once they are deactivated, this action is irreversible. 

All deactivated contacts or companies will remain visible in your contacts or companies overview. You can however create a segment containing your deactivated contacts or companies by applying the rule ‘Active equals no’.


  • Deactivated customers can still be selected in deals and quotations and in time tracking entries
  • When you deactivate a company, the linked contacts stay active until you manually deactivate them as well
  • When you deactivate a contact, the linked company stays active until you manually deactivate it as well