When adding a contact or a company in Teamleader Focus, you can also add background information that might come in handy when you need to contact a customer. To add this, open a contact or company page and click on the pencil next to Background information or click on + Add background information.

If you want to export this background information when exporting companies or contacts from Teamleader Focus, you probably already noticed that they are not exported by default. 

In order to export the background information, you will have to create an export template by following these steps:

  1. Go to Contacts/Companies and click on Export

  2. Click on the arrow next to Basic columns > Create new template

  3. Select the values you want to export by double-clicking or by selecting the values and clicking on the arrow pointing to the right to add it to the selected columns list. To export the background information, chose the value ‘Background information’

  4. Add a template name

  5. Click on Save

  6. Click on Start export


  • Make sure you have export rights in Teamleader Focus. To grant someone export rights, the administrator will need to navigate to Settings > Users > three dots next to the name of a colleague > Edit > enable the slider Export.

  • The background information will be exported in html code.