With our Lead capture Booster you can easily meet and engage with your customers online! Read all about getting started with it here.

The Lead capture Booster

Before you can start creating quotations, time tracking, projects or invoices for your customers in Teamleader Focus, there’s usually an important step right at the beginning of that flow and that’s prospection; the fact that you communicate with your customers, want to get to know them better or let them book a meeting with you. 


Chances are you also do business online, such as via video meetings. We would like to help you make that as easy and professional as possible. With the Lead capture Booster you can give your customers that extra bit of professional service that makes all the difference, and it helps you save time in your sales process! 



The Lead capture Booster is basically a planner, a tool for video calling and a tool to create contact widgets and forms for your website all in one! Let’s go over the most important functionalities:

  • Have a full integration with Teamleader Focus functionalities
    • There’s a sync between the Lead capture Booster and the Teamleader Focus calendar, deals and contacts
  • Meet with your customers online via online meeting rooms. Plan online meetings with your customer directly from Teamleader Focus by adding a meeting. Send the meeting invitation to your customer and you’re ready to go!
    In a meeting room, you can for example:
  • Set your and your team's availability in the calendar and let customers pick a time slot for an online meeting.
    With scheduling, you can for example:
    • Set up a booking link on your website: leads can easily plan a meeting via your website, or via a link you put in a newsletter, Facebook campaign, etc.
    • Send confirmation emails, calendar invitations and reminders to your leads and customers after a booking
    • Create meeting types and let your contacts choose between different options
    • Have meetings scheduled to the first available colleague, based on your team's planning via round-robin scheduling
  • Sync meetings with your Google, iCloud, Outlook/Office 365 or Exchange calendar.
  • With the contact widget in the Lead capture Booster, you can let your visitors schedule a time in your calendar that suits them best. It's not needed to embed an entire booking page or contact form in your text, just create a button with your own design, copy the widget and paste it in your website. 
  • A contact form on your website is a valuable tool that facilitates effective communication between your business and your audience. Read all about creating a form via the Lead capture Booster here.