In Teamleader Focus, every user can customise their contact and company page just the way they want to. They can reorder the page or show and hide certain items. Read all about it here.

Every user in Teamleader Focus with access to 'Contacts' and 'Companies' can customise those contact and company pages. Keep in mind that this is a customisation on user level; meaning if one user changes this in their account this customisation is not visible to other users. This allows each user to focus better by hiding what's irrelevant to them, and prioritise information they want to see first.

To customise your contact or company page, go to a contact or a company and click on Customise page in the top right-hand corner:

In the next view, you can drag and drop items over the page to customise it:

Or you can click on the icon with the eye to hide certain items. Click on it again to display the item again.


  • The customisation settings are applied for all your contact and company pages.
  • The Company information, the background information and the Activities at the bottom of the page are fixed. You can't drag and drop or hide these items.
    Note: if you customise the 'Company information' to Full width, then it is possible to hide the 'Background information'.
  • You restore the default view by clicking on Customise page > Restore default view. Click on Apply changes:

  • Next to customising your page, you can also filter the results per status in certain widgets (deals, tasks, projects and tickets):

    In the above example you can quickly check the open tasks for a certain customer.