In Teamleader, there are two levels to define the rights within a project. You can either limit the access to projects or you can assign different roles within a project.

Access rights to projects

  1. Navigate to "Settings" > "HR"
  2. Click on the pencil next to a co-workers name. Note that this colleague cannot be an admin in your Teamleader account. The rights of admins cannot be restricted.
  3. In case the slider next to "Projects" is on "Yes", you see a dropdown menu directly under it next to "Access"
  4. Choose what access rights this user should have: 
    • Access to all project: This colleague can see all projects.
    • According to participation: This colleague can only see the projects of which he/she is participant or decision maker.
    • Admin access to all projects: This colleague has access to all projects with the rights of a decision maker.
  5. The Profit on Projects slider allows you to deactivate access to the Profit Margin function you see in the top-right corner of every project.

Roles within a project

Within every project, you have two different kind of roles:

Decision maker: The decision maker has access to all details of the project, he/she can edit the budget and the invoices.

Participant:  can see the milestones, external costs and the attached timetracking but cannot edit them.

The progress of the budget usage is not visible for this person. 

If this person has access to the invoicing module than he/she will see the Budget planning, Budget spent, Internal and External budget spent on the project overview.

In order to see which participant has which role, you follow those steps:

  1. Navigate to the project in questions
  2. Scroll down to "Co-workers"
  3. You see either "Participant" or "Decision maker" below the names of the collaborating colleagues. You also have the choice between those two roles whenever you add a new colleague to a project.


  • The colleague, the project is assigned to is automatically a decision maker
  • The colleague, a milestone is assigned to will be a participant by default. However, he/she will still be responsible for the assigned milestone.
  • Both decision makers and participants can track time for a project. Only the admins will be able to edit this timetracking.
  • You can decide who should be able to manage the costs of a project by navigating to Settings > Projects > Preferences > Only project decision makers can manage costs. Note: In case you do not want to show the costs to your employees, you do not only need to set this preference to "No", you also need to remove their access to invoices. Check this article for more information.
  • Projects can only be deleted by a user with admin rights in Teamleader.