• Where can you see what?
  • What are the different types of calendar entries?
  • Do you want to sync Teamleader Focus with your existing calendar?

If you navigate to Calendar, you'll see everything that's been scheduled for this week, this month or this day in a calendar view. When you select the day view, you'll also have the option to display the route between different meetings. To do so, simply click "Show route" in the left-hand corner. This allows you to always stay on top of things without ever forgetting a meeting. The different types of calendar entries to help structure your work week are tasks, meetings and calls.

Those three buttons are also visible at the top of the screen, above the agenda. There, not only will you see overdue items, but also both unfinished and finished calls, tasks and meetings. And you guessed it already: this overview can be segmented again to always stay right on top of things.

In addition to your agenda, you also have a Dashboard that gives you an overview of today's responsibilities, and the option to create tasks, meetings and calls.

As a next step, you and your colleagues should discuss whether you want to sync your personal calendars to Teamleader Focus. By doing so, you'll have a complete overview of what your co-workers are up to and whether or not they have some time to spare for a meeting, by navigating to Agenda.

On top of that, you can also easily remain up to speed on your own agenda and never lose overview. You don't just see an overview of your work-related agenda, but also of your personal plans. Here, you can learn how to link your calendar to Teamleader Focus. More information on how to manage your calendar in Teamleader Focus can be found in this video tutorial.

Automate your workflow and let customers schedule meetings directly into your calendar. No more back-and-forth emailing to set meetings. Read everything about scheduling via the Lead capture Booster here.

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