Are you the person who manages projects from start to finish, making sure you meet all the deadlines and stay within budget? Do you assign tasks to your team, taking their busy schedule into account? Do you need a clear overview of who needs to do what by when? Then keep reading to find out how our project module could help you in your daily job. 

Never heard of the project module before? Start with these articles for a step-by-step guide, or watch our video tutorials

Project creation

First things first: adding the project. Teamleader Focus offers three different ways to create a project:

1. Project based on a deal/quotation

You just got notified that your quotation was accepted? Great! Get started right away and convert the quotation into a project. The subtitles will become phases, and you could also have the products become tasks. This does mean the format of your project is already decided when creating the quotation, so you should sit together with your sales colleagues first to agree on a basic structure.


2. Project from scratch

You can also simply create a project as you see fit. To get an idea of the possibilities, consult this article.

3. Project based on a template

It is not possible to use the structure of the quote, but you do want to use the same structure for multiple projects? We have got you covered. Simply create your ideal standard projects, and save them as a template. Make sure to mention something like ‘template’ in the project title, so you can easily retrieve them if you want to make changes to your template. 

It might be interesting to know you can still link a project to a deal afterwards if you created a project from scratch or based on a template. Simply open the project, go to the tab 'Project info', click on the three dots on top next to the project number and select ‘link deal’. This way you can see a direct link to the project when checking the deal and vice versa, so you do not lose the overview. It is also possible to import old projects you did not create in Teamleader Focus using these instructions.

Project planning

Once you have created the project with all the tasks that need to be done, it is time to start planning them. Teamleader Focus offers a separate module where you can easily assign tasks to your team members, while still having an overview of the progress of your project and the availabilities of the team. Find out all about it here

Project management

Now the project has started, you will need an easy overview of everything that is happening so you can monitor the progress. Some tips to get quick insights on your project:

  • The work breakdown page: This overview page allows you to make clear estimates of the required work per project phase. 

  • Open the project and navigate to the 'Project info' tab. Click on the three dots on top next to the project number and select ‘download report’ to create a customizable overview of the entire project. Read this article for more information.

Budget spent

In a project Budget spent displays your customer's budget and how much billable hours are spent. Budget management on projects is a way to keep track of the predetermined budget you and your customer have agreed upon. By allocating resources and estimating time on billable tasks & meetings, you'll know if you are going over budget. You can find this functionality under the 'Project info' tab in the header of your project.


Keep track of your costs and potential revenue via the Profit feature in every project. Take a look at the Details in order to see where most of your costs come from, so you can tweak where needed. You can find this functionality under the 'Project info' tab in the header of your project.

Cross-projects timeline

From your project list overview, you can easily switch to the cross-projects timeline. The cross-projects timeline provides you with a visual timeline overview of all your projects. It lets you continuously evaluate how occupied your business is and shows you which projects need your attention.

Project invoicing

Time to wrap up the project and send your invoice? Finish it using these instructions, and find all the ways to invoice here. It goes without saying you can also send an invoice while the project is still ongoing. If you want to send a monthly invoice for example, you could create months as phases to have an even clearer overview.

What’s your best tip for working with Teamleader Focus? Feel free to let us know