In this article we'll explain to you what you can do when your invoices aren't synchronised to your bookkeeping tool. Read this article if you want to know more about the available bookkeeping integrations in Teamleader Focus per country.

1. How can I synchronise my invoices to my bookkeeping tool?

First of all; an invoice has to be booked in order to be synced to a bookkeeping tool. (Draft invoices aren't synced, and it's also not the case that invoices will only be synced after they are sent to the customer).

There are 2 ways to synchronise your invoices to your bookkeeping tool: 

  1. Manual sync: you can manually sync your invoices by going to the overview of your invoices and clicking on the synchronisation symbol:

    Once the synchronisation has been finished, you'll get a notification via the bell:
    This notification will give you more info about the amount of customers and invoices that have been synced and it will also give you an error message if something went wrong.

  2. Automatic sync : for most of the bookkeeping tools there's an automatic sync during the night. You can activate this option via the settings of the integration. Unlike the manual sync, this kind of synchronisation won't give you any notification. 

2. How can I see that my invoices aren't synchronised to my bookkeeping tool? 

Once an invoice has been synced to a bookkeeping tool, it will receive a booking number. To check if your invoice has been synced, we recommend you to go to the overview of invoices and to click on the cogwheel to add the column 'Booking number':

If this column is empty, it means that your invoice hasn't been synced to your bookkeeping tool.

3. What can I do when my invoices don't get synchronised to my bookkeeping tool? 

If you notice that your invoices haven't been synced, we advise you to start a manual sync to receive a notification via the bell. If you have some questions about the error message you received or if you need some help to resolve the issue, you can always reach out to us. Don't forget to mention the bookkeeping tool you're using and to add a screenshot of the error you received. 

In this article you can find more info about the bookkeeping errors for Exact Online. 

If you use Octopus and you have received an error message while syncing your invoices, please read this article for more information.

More info on Yuki errors can be found here.


Once an invoice is synced to a bookkeeping tool, further changes in Teamleader Focus won't be synced to the bookkeeping tool anymore. You'll need to edit the invoice in the bookkeeping tool to update the data. This rule applies for all bookkeeping tools except Octopus. 

  • When using Octopus, the changes will be pushed to the bookkeeping software. While editing the invoice, you will get a notification that the cost centres will be reset after the sync. If the bookkeeping period is already closed, the invoice will not be sychronized.