Wondering why you should use the Lead capture Booster instead of Calendly to schedule meetings? We’ve made an analysis of both platforms for you, highlighting the features where the Lead capture Booster can add value to your meetings and overall workflow. To make sure we’re in the same price range, we compared the Lead capture Booster with the Calendly Teams package.

1. One tool to rule them all

Trying to connect Calendly with your Teamleader Focus account? That’s probably a hassle, right? You can’t connect the two directly to each other and you’ll be in need of an automation tool such as Zapier. It works, but it’s yet another tool and a set-up that can be simplified easily!

The scheduler of Teamleader Focus synchronizes all contact and meeting information automatically with your Teamleader Focus account. This means that a contact, company, deal and calendar event are automatically created as soon as a customer or leads schedules a meeting. This improves your administration significantly! Manual input (and the typos that go with it) are a thing from the past, you can rest assured that no information will get lost.

So, instead of using three tools (Calendly, Zapier, CRM) and having three different subscriptions, Teamleader Focus offers the complete flow in just one single tool!

2. A professional look and feel for your customer

When using Calendly, you have the possibility to upload your company’s logo, you can set up confirmation and reminder emails when customers schedule a meeting with you and you can add your company colors, but only for embedded booking pages. And that’s about it.

As we all know, a first impression is super important and that’s why the scheduler from Teamleader Focus offers a complete package of branding options. Your company logo will be displayed on your booking page and also a favicon (the little logo in the browser tab) can be uploaded. When customers click on the logo on your booking page, you can immediately redirect them to your own website as well!

But that’s not all. While you can only set up a custom color in Calendly for embedded booking pages, the scheduler of Teamleader Focus allows you to set up your company color very easily for all booking pages. Even if you just share the URL to your booking page, your customers will see your own company color they’re familiar with. Speaking of a professional and lasting impression!

And last but not least: the confirmation and reminder emails. With the scheduler of Teamleader Focus, you can not only edit the text in those emails; you can even set up an HTML email template. This allows you to take your customers’ experience to the next level! 

3. Flexible team events

Setting up team meeting types is something very useful. In that way, you can pool the availability of multiple team members so your customers have more available time slots to choose from when scheduling a meeting. That’s exactly what you can do in Calendly.

But sometimes, your customers have a preference with whom they want to meet. And that’s where the scheduler of Teamleader Focus gives you all the options you need. When setting up a team meeting type, you can select if your customers can choose with whom they’ll be meeting or if the scheduler has to appoint one of the available team members randomly.

Existing customers that have a good relationship with one specific member in your team can still schedule a meeting with the person of their choice, while (for example) new customers can just select the first time slot in which one of your team members is available. Definitely a win-win!

4. Integrated online meeting rooms

Nowadays, a lot of meetings are taking place online. There are a lot of great tools out there that integrate with Calendly, but it’s again another tool and subscription. The Lead capture Booster has its own professional online meeting rooms. If customers schedule an online meeting, the online meeting room will be generated automatically. The URL to this meeting room will automatically be sent out to your customers in the confirmation email.

Every single one of your customers will have his or her own dedicated meeting room. Documents that have been uploaded in this meeting room will be saved inside that very room, waiting for your next meeting with that customer. 

And remember the logo, favicon and brand colors you’ve set up for the scheduler? Well, they’re also applied to your online meeting rooms. No Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams logo, but your very own logo and branding. 

Wrap up

Calendly Teams does the trick when you’re looking for basic scheduling with a limited amount of branding possibilities. But the question you should ask yourself then is: why not expand your options for the same price with the Teamleader Focus scheduler? The automatic data sync to Teamleader Focus is definitely a big win and also the extra branding options help you to optimize your own customer’s experience.

Test the scheduler for free and find out for yourself! In the table below, you will see a clear comparison between the Lead capture Booster and Calendly Teams:

Lead capture BoosterCalendly Teams
Direct sync to Teamleader Focus
Custom logo
Custom brand color

(Only on embedded pages)
Customized confirmation and reminder emails
(HTML templates)

(Only text)
Customers can choose a host on team meetings
Integrated online meeting rooms