Before you can edit the departure address of a meeting you'll need to enable a setting first. Go to Settings > Calendar > Preferences > Show distances to meetings and put the slider on 'Yes'.

  1. Go to the meeting in question > Click on the pencil next to the estimated travel time. Do note that you can only edit departure addresses of meetings, you are actually attending.
  2. Fill in the starting location for this meeting, e.g. your home address or the location of another meeting
  3. You have the option to set this address as default address by putting the slider next to "Make default meeting location" to "Yes"
  4. Click "Save"

But what if I leave from Brussels every morning and my colleague leaves from Ghent?

Setting the departure address of a meeting is a personal setting and not an account setting. This means that every Teamleader Focus user needs to go through the settings above individually to set his/her own departure address.