In Teamleader Focus you can collect all kinds of information about your customers, including their address. Wouldn't it be nice if you could visualize your customer addresses on a map? Importing your Teamleader Focus customers to Google Maps provides you an overview of all your customers, which allows you to easily plan your route from one meeting to another. You can easily get an idea what the precise distance is to your customer(s) and see at a glance which customers are in the neighbourhood.

Follow the steps below or watch:

  1. Export your Teamleader Focus contacts or companies to Excel
  2. Go to Google maps
  3. Click on the menu at the top-left corner and go to 'Your places'
  4. Click on the tab Maps
  5. Click on Create map
  6. Click on Import and upload the Excel file from Teamleader Focus from step 1
  7. For your placemarks, select Street, Number, Zip code, City, Country
  8. Click on Continue
  9. For the title, choose 'Name'
  10. Click on Finish

You can also watch our tutorial here:


Find more information about creating maps in Google here.