! This article is only relevant if you have one of our older pricing plans GO, MOVE or BOOST. If you have one of our newer plans (SMART, GROW, FLOW) the distribution of the features is different. Find more information here.

Our GO package is the solution for you if you only need the essential tools to help you out in your day-to-day work life. Read everything about this package here!

Let’s start with our GO package credo:

“An easy and simplified flow from the first contact with a lead until the payment of the invoice. Companies, contacts, deals, quotations, invoices… Simple.”

This package focuses especially on CRM, deals, quotations and invoices and places attention to the flow from lead to cash.

Perfect for businesses like: 

  • Freelancers
  • Building contractors
  • Small agencies

Explore all features of this package in the following list. 


With the CRM functionality, you can manage all your contacts & companies and easily divide them into specific categories. You can add tags to further differentiate between your customers, and use these for email campaigns, using external integrations like Mailchimp. The file management included in GO gives you the ability to save PDF’s and other documents related to contacts or companies, so you have a full overview of your customer’s situation in one place. 

Deals and Quotations

A deal is the starting point of your quotation and the sales process. You have one standard sales pipeline and you can define it by adding custom deal phases so you never lose track of an opportunity. Creating a quotation is child’s play. You can even use predefined templates to save time. Print them, send them via email, or use our online platform CloudSign to have your customers view and sign quotations online - which are signed twice as fast as sending a quotation the “normal” way. 


You have access to a dashboard which shows you all open or (over)due tasks, meetings and calls for the previous or upcoming seven days. Customise your account further by defining call outcomes for your sales colleagues, or add different work types for tasks.

All of these calls, tasks and meetings will also be shown in a calendar so you can keep track of your schedule.

Lead capture Booster

Running a business without online meetings is hard to imagine in this day and age. That’s why we have our Lead capture Booster in Teamleader Focus. Schedule, meet and engage with customers online, on top of all the other functionality our tool already brings. Read all about what it is and how to activate it.


When you’re working, you want to get paid. That’s why creating and sending invoices is a simple process within Teamleader Focus. You can even create advance invoices or register partial payments. Billing in another currency? No big deal! Want to get your invoices paid faster? Then add a QR code to your invoices which customers can scan with their bank app. Or use Invoicecloud, and decrease the average days to payment with 8 days! That will also help you reduce the need for manual invoice reminders. You can even send out thank you messages to customers that paid on time. If you made a mistake on a booked invoice, you can always credit it.


Creating or uploading a list of products can speed up your quotation and invoicing process a ton. These products will be suggested once you start adding a new line on a quotation or invoice. Teamleader Focus also offers some limited stock functionality, which tracks the amount of products you have left based on your booked invoices.


Using the Users options in Teamleader Focus you can invite new users to your account, manage their access rights or deactivate and even completely delete them. If a user needs access to all available functionalities within your subscription, you can grant them admin rights.

General features

All of our packages come with some standard features that can make your life easier. Importing data such as contacts, companies and products, for example. If you already have a list of those, you don’t need to waste time manually inputting them. Same goes for exporting data from your Teamleader Focus account. And after inputting data, it would be a shame if you can’t find anything easily. That’s where a global search function comes in handy. 

Another time saver are templates. Add them once, and you’re set. Drafting emails or other documents like quotations and invoices will only take seconds. 

Every company has their own ways, we know. That’s why you can add custom fields to your account. They allow you to add extra information that’s not available by default.

Other general features include a recycle bin to retrieve accidentally deleted contacts or companies, creating discounts for quotations or adding multiple email addresses to send documents from.

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