A deal can have multiple quotations and your customer can only accept one. But what happens to the rest of the quotations? In this article, you’ll learn how you can mark quotation(s) as refused.

Accepted quotation

When you have multiple quotations and one gets accepted, the rest of the quotations remain in the quotation status ‘sent’ or ‘not sent’. This can clutter your account and take away the overview, so you might want to give these another status and mark them as refused. 

Mark a quotation as refused

A user can mark a quotation as refused both from the deal detail page and the quotation detail page.

Deal page

  1. In a deal, go to ‘Follow up in your open deal’
  2. Click on the three dots
  3. Click on Mark as refused

Quotation page 

  1. In a quotation, click on the arrow next to ‘Send quotation’
  2. Choose Mark as refused

After confirming the action, the quotation receives the new quotation status ‘Refused’.

On the quotation overview page, you can find this status in the Status filter as well.

Refuse a quotation on CloudSign

You can also allow your customers to refuse quotations on CloudSign. To enable this setting, you must have access to Settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Deals and Quotations
  3. Enable the toggle ‘Allow customers to refuse quotations on CloudSign’
    Note: This is an account wide setting and can’t be enabled per user.
  4. When enabled, your customer can refuse a quotation on CloudSign, and optionally they can provide context on their decision too.
  5. When a quotation is marked as refused:
    • Customers will still be able to view it on CloudSign. It’s not possible anymore to sign the quotation, but the customer can still give feedback. 
    • The activity log of your quotation will be updated accordingly
    • A notification is sent to the quotation assignee, both in-app and as an email. An email confirming the refusal is also sent to the sender.


  • Marking a quotation as refused will not affect the deal status
  • Marking the deal as lost will not affect the quotation status
  • Editing a quotation with status 'Refused' will move it back to status 'Not Sent'
  • If a quotation is not sent or expired, then it can be marked as refused
  • If a quotation is accepted, then it cannot be marked as refused
  • When calculating the deal amount, refused quotations are not included in the calculation
    • If there is no quotation accepted: deal amount is the average of all quotation amounts except refused quotations
    • If one quotation is accepted, then the deal amount is the amount of the accepted quotation