• How do you want to retrieve/search information?
  • Who should be able to retrieve which data?
  • Where and how do you save your information? What can you do with it?

Teamleader Focus offers segments in every module, so you can filter on the information you have filled in before. For example, this could be the sector your customer is active in, or their address. Simply create a segment, and you'll see a list of all customers matching those criteria. But that's not all: you can also export those lists by clicking the Export button on the right-hand side. This could prove very helpful for stats, as you can choose which information you want to export. Not all colleagues are able to retrieve all information? You can change CRM access rights via Settings > Users. Access rights are linked to account managers. Need more info? Click here. Also, you can limit the export rights via Settings > Users.

The next question was: how can you save the information in the best way possible? This is something everyone will have to decide for themselves, e.g. all information should always be saved with the company, and not the linked contacts. How can you link a contact to a company? Just click here to find out. Do note, however, that this decision can be different for every company. You also have the option to sync contacts from Teamleader Focus to Google or Outlook contacts via the agenda integration

Another aspect that may be of interest to you: the option to track your emails to Teamleader Focus. This allows you to see all email traffic with a contact or related company. Whether you track emails linked to a contact or a company, is again something you should decide on internally. Of course, you can choose which emails you'd like to track - not everything has to be saved in your CRM database, after all.

In addition, all calls, meetings, tasks and deals linked to a company or contact are displayed on the related detail page. You'll read more on that in the articles on the agenda and deal modules.

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