Anyone active in construction, manufacturing or installation wants to do what they do best; whether it be carpenting, plumbing, tiling or roofing; the point is to get the job done, and spending as little time as needed on planning and administration is part of that. This is where Teamleader Focus comes in. This article explores a potential workflow using Teamleader Focus in the construction, manufacturing or installation business. 

Needless to say, no two companies are the same and these are just suggestions. Teamleader Focus offers multiple options for every action. If you have further questions, please check out our Support Centre or contact our support team.

Here are the topics we will go over:

  • Calendar
  • Lead capture Booster
  • Time tracking
  • Work orders
  • Invoicing



Let’s say you’ve arranged a time with the customer to do your work. Time to create a meeting in Teamleader Focus:

1. Go to the Calendar module.

2. Drag and drop the cursor in the selected time frame and click 'Schedule meeting':

3. Fill in the: 

  • Customer
  • Title
  • Description
  • Location

4. Click ‘Save’ and you will be guided to the Meeting page.

5. Click the plus sign next to ‘Colleagues attending’ to select the colleagues who will join you.

There you have it. The meeting has been scheduled. You will now find it in your own calendar and your colleague will find it in his or hers. It's also possible to let Teamleader Focus calculate the distance (in km) to the meeting address automatically by going to Settings > Calendar > Preferences > Show distances to meetings. Then the meeting will look like this in your calendar:

Note that this is a setting on account level and not on user level. If the option to show distances to meetings is enabled in the settings then it will be enabled for every user.

Also; this is just one way to create a meeting. Click the link to find out more!

External agenda

Why not synchronise your Teamleader Focus calendar to your external agenda to have a complete overview of your schedule in your other calendars as well? Click the link to find out more.


Before the actual installation, a lot of preparation might need to be done. You can schedule these by creating tasks and assigning the right co-workers to them.

1. Go to your Calendar.

2. Navigate to the day the work needs to be done.

3. Click and drag the cursor downwards to select the timeframe.

4. Select ‘Schedule new task’.

5. Fill in:

  • Work type (find out how to create your own work types)
  • Title of the task
  • Description of the task
  • Assigned to (colleague responsible)
  • Customer
  • Due date

When the task is completed, you’ll want to register how much time was spent on it to keep track of your costs. This takes us to the next section.

Lead capture Booster

Running a business without online meetings is hard to imagine in this day and age. That’s why we have our Lead capture Booster in Teamleader Focus. Schedule, meet and engage with customers online, on top of all the other functionality our tool already brings. Read all about what it is and how to activate it.

Time tracking

(Not available in our old GO package)

Time tracking allows you to register all hours spent on your meetings, tasks or calls. Click the link to find out about the different ways in which to track time. Here is how you might do it:

When a task has been finished:

1. Go to the 'Calendar module' and click the task.

2. Click 'Mark as done'. (It's also possible to track time immediately without finishing the task) 
3. Click on 'Add time tracking'

4. Indicate the start and finish time.

5. Indicate whether or not the task is billable. If you select this, the time tracking will be registered as ‘unbilled time’ and can be added to the invoice later on.

Work Order

Teamleader Focus' Work order module will allow you to create a work sheet and have it signed by the customer on location. This is where the mobile app comes in. If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can do so via the Apple App Store for your IPhone or via Google Play if you’re an Android user.

To create a work order:

1. Open the Teamleader Focus app.

2. Click the 'plus' symbol at the bottom of your screen and select 'Work order'.

3. You will now be asked to fill in all necessary info in order to complete the work order.

4. Fill in:

  • The customer 
  • The working hours (start and end time)
  • The description of the work
  • Products needed on the job (optional)
  • Comments or images (optional)

5. The work order is now ready to be signed by the customer!

6. Click ‘Save’.

You will find the signed work order in the web version of Teamleader Focus in the menu Work orders, or under the tab ‘Files’ on the customer's page.


(Not available in our SMART package)

All the tasks you have completed for the customer which you marked as ‘billable’, as well as the time tracked on the work order will appear under the ‘Unbilled time’ window on the customer's page in the CRM.

Click ‘Actions’ - ‘Create invoice’ to invoice all these items. Uncheck the box to the right of the items you do not want to include in the invoice.

This will generate a draft invoice, which you can immediately book and send. Click here to read about other ways to invoice time tracking and find the most efficient workflow for your business.

What’s your best tip for working with Teamleader Focus? Feel free to let us know.