Calling via VoIP has a good number of advantages. It allows you making and receiving calls from anywhere in the world by just being connected to the Internet, calls are cheaper and it even allows you tracking those calls in the right customer in your CRM. Just like Teamleader Focus does.

Because of this, Teamleader Focus' Marketplace has already a number of VoIP integrations, among which you can find Duocom. In this article we will explain some details about this integration.


  • This integration hasn't been developed by Teamleader Focus, but by Duocom itself. In case you have any questions or if you need technical support, you need to contact them directly. 
  • The content of this article might not always be updated. In case of doubt we recommend that you contact them directly.

  1. Activation
  2. Useful information
  3. Prices of calling

1. Activation:

To activate and set up this integration you need to contact Duocom and set up an account with them. They will explain what the next steps are, but as anticipation, we can already reveal that you will need to install a plug-in in your Google Chrome or Firefox browser. To receive notifications about incoming calls, you will thus need to enable the notifications on your browser.

2. Useful information:

  • Phone numbers port: Duocom allows you to port your current phone numbers to Duocom. You only need to fill in a form and send it to them together with the last invoice you received for this phone number. The first number you port or purchase is free. Each extra port numbers or purchases have a price of 10€ per month per number (VAT not included)
  • Calls forwarding with no extra cost
  • Different welcome messages: You can record a voice-over or use a text-to-speech
  • Different voicemails out of business hours per extension. During out of business hours customers can record a voicemail that you will receive immediately via email
  • The price of this integration is 40€ per month (VAT not included) and offers:
    • The integration with Teamleader Focus
    • A configurable telephone switchboard
    • An unlimited number of extensions with 1, 2, 3 or 4 digits
    • 20 available VoIP places (expandable) that can be used at the same time
    • A calling queue with 5 VoIP operators (expandable)
    • Dial-up menu
    • Calls recording (extra cost of 20€ per month VAT not included)
    • Free technical support (email and phone) during business hours
  • You can call via VoIP using their own apps or via third party apps. You can also buy and use VoIP telephone devices (Cisco, Yealink and Siemens are recommended)

3. Prices of calling:

  • 0,02€/min to national landline numbers (no call set-up rates)
  • 0,03€/min to national mobile numbers (no call set-up rates)
  • Option to purchase different calling plans to get a lower price for both national landline and mobile numbers:
    • 500 minutes = 9,50€
    • 1000 minutes = 18€
  • International call rates can be checked out in this link
  • Internal VoIP calls are free