Insights are a nice way to have a quick look at how your business is doing. In this article, you'll learn more about insights in Teamleader Focus. Buckle up!

1. Pipeline

2. Deals

3. Invoices 

4. Time tracking 

5. Calls 

6. Shared inbox

7. Targets

1. Pipeline

The pipeline allows you to have a quick look at your deals' numbers.

In your pipeline right now

It is the amount of money that is in your deal pipeline right now, per phase. Beneath the phase division, you can see the amount per deals, quotations, invoices, etc. You can check it in absolute or weighted* value by clicking here:

*weighted = this is calculated based on the probability rate of your deals. In other words, it's the total value of your pipeline, meaning all ongoing deals, multiplied by the probability rate.

The numbers shown in 'in your pipeline right now - absolute' correspond to the following segments in your deals* :



Meeting planned

*Note: If you linked your deals to a project, these deals and their amounts won't show up in the pipeline calculations. Only the deals without a project will be shown.

You can also find the following overview with 'Quotation Sent', 'Accepted', 'Projects' and 'Invoices':

  • Quotation sent = All deals that are currently in the deal phase 'Quotation sent'
  • Accepted = All won deals in the last 30 days
  • Projects = All active projects in your account 
  • Invoices = All unpaid invoices in your account
    Note: Invoices with a value of €0 aren't taken into account

Revenue target for quarter

Create a target for your total invoice revenues for each quarter of the current, future or past year. You can do this by clicking on "Settings".

The amount shown in' Revenue target for quarter corresponds' to the total excl. VAT of booked invoices of this quarter minus the total excl. VAT of the credit notes of this quarter.

You can also calculate it yourself by checking the following segments:

  • Invoices:
  • Credit notes:

Short term cash flow prediction

The cash flow predictions are short termed (seven and thirty days). They are based on the currently unpaid invoices as well as on the average payment delay.

2. Deals

You can read more about insights on deals in this article.

3. Invoices 

Find more information on the invoices insights in general in this article. If you're looking for detailed information about the mini-stats on subscriptions, you can read this article.

4. Time tracking 

This is quite explicit, you can filter the time tracking per:

  • Customer
    • Customers for which the time tracking is invoiceable will be mentioned in blue
    • Customers for which (part of) the time tracking is not invoiceable will be mentioned in red
    • 'No' refers to time tracking that isn't linked to a customer.
  • Project
  • Projects and users
  • User
  • Team
  • Work type

Note: You can filter each part per day, week, month or quarter. 

In each part you can check:

  • The billable hours
  • The duration of the time tracked
  • Task type
  • The total amount billable

5. Calls 

Call outcomes

The call outcomes on a definite period (you can choose that period). To know more about call outcomes, click here

Note: You only see the call outcome but not the notes

Call list

A list of the calls (weekly or daily), you can filter per user. You see the customer, the call outcome, the time and the duration.

6. Shared inbox

This article explains everything about shared inbox stats.

7. Targets

If you want to know more about adding targets, click here.

Note: you can't export what's in the insights module but you can export the information from the modules directly.