In this article we'll give you more information on how to solve the issue of an invoice/credit note being shown twice in Exact Online and consequently having 2 different bookkeeping numbers.

Cause: The invoice/credit note was manually added in Exact Online before connecting Teamleader Focus to Exact Online and afterwards it also got synced to Exact Online via Teamleader Focus.

Solution: Deleting specific invoices and credit notes in Exact Online and reconnecting the integration so those invoices and credit notes respectively get synced again.

Follow these steps carefully to fix this problem. Do mind that you need admin rights in Teamleader Focus to do this. In case you might be unsure on how to use your Exact Online account, then do show this article to your accountant or contact us.

  1. Go to Teamleader Focus, click on the cogwheel at the bottom right of the invoice overview and put 'booking number' in the available columns. Do the same for the credit notes.
  2. Check the date of the invoice or credit note that is shown twice in Exact Online. All invoices from that date up till now will have to be deleted in Exact Online.
  3. Go to your credit notes in Teamleader Focus and check whether there are any from that particular date until now. They will need to be deleted in Exact Online too.
  4. Go to Exact Online.
  5. Delete all invoices and credit notes in Exact Online which have been added on the above-mentioned date and later.
  6. Go to Teamleader Focus.
  7. Return to Teamleader Focus invoices and write down the booking number (step 1) of the oldest invoice that has been deleted from Exact Online, which should follow the number of the last invoice which has not been deleted.
  8. Go to the credit notes and write down the number of the oldest credit note that has been deleted from Exact Online and its booking number (only if applicable).
  9. Go to Exact Online and check whether these numbers correspond with the 'Master data-Journals-Next booking number' in the journals for invoices and credit notes
  10. In Teamleader Focus, click on your user icon > Integrations/Marketplace > Manage > Exact Online > Settings
  11. Go to 'Edit settings for administration' > Division. Write down on a paper the start date of this integration and your invoice and credit note journals (you will need this later) 
  12. Click on Deactivate
  13. Choose the date of the invoice or credit note that caused the issue as the date to disconnect on (invoices and credit notes from this date onwards will lose the link to Exact Online, their bookkeeping number and can be re-synced to Exact Online)
  14. Do not disconnect customers, the slider must be disabled
  15. Click on the settings again
  16. Select the correct Division
  17. Click on Connect Exact Online
  18. As a start date, fill out the original start date of the integration (the data you wrote down in step 11)
  19. Do not import contacts and companies, the slider must be disabled
  20. Fill in the correct journals and connect
  21. Go to Invoices in Teamleader Focus
  22. Click on the sync button to sync all invoices

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