While putting an invoice to paid, you can add a payment method to it. Read everything there is to know about payment methods in Teamleader Focus here.

Adding & managing payment methods

You might want to start with adding payment methods to your account first, since there are no default payment methods set up. Only when you’re an admin in Teamleader Focus, you’ll be able to add new ones.

There are two ways of adding payment methods; via your invoice settings and via the invoice itself.

Invoice settings

  1. Go to Settings > Invoices
  2. Scroll down to Payment methods
  3. Click on the + 
  4. Fill out the name of your payment method and click on Save

Via the invoice

When putting an invoice to paid, you can define a new payment method (if you’re an admin user).

  1. Click on the invoice
  2. Click on Paid
  3. In ‘Payment method’, click on the arrow
  4. Click on + New payment method
  5. This new payment method will then also be available for future payments.

Visibility on invoices

  • While it’s not possible to display the payment method on the invoice document itself, the payment method will be added automatically to the ‘Payments’ widget on the detail page of the invoice. 
  • You’re also able to list the payment methods in your invoice overview by adding this column to the overview of your invoices.
  • You can easily export these payment methods as well


If you use Mollie or Stripe in combination with InvoiceCloud, this field will be filled out automatically with the method used by your customer. The payment method will be added automatically to the invoices in the form of “payment method - integration”, example: "Bancontact - Mollie".


There's a limit of 25 payment methods.