Every Teamleader Focus account has at least one administrator. For more information on how to grant admin rights to colleagues, click here. This article will tell you more about admin users and their rights.


  • Admins cannot have limited CRM access.
  • Admins have more options regarding bulk actions in the CRM overview.

As a non-admin user, you only have the option to create calls, tasks and labels.

Only admins can remove a tag from the list within the settings.


As a non admin user, you only have the option to create calls and tasks.

  • Under Settings > Deals and Quotations > Preferences > Notify me whenever a quotation is accepted, admin users have the option to be kept up to date about accepted deals.
  • The feedback of Cloudsign will be sent to their mailbox.


  • You can not restrict an admin's view on other colleagues' agendas.
  • Admins have some options regarding bulk actions in the task overview.
  • Via Settings > Users > three dots next to your name > Edit > Calendar > Team members can see my agenda and timesheets, admin users that are also leader of a team can decide whether their agenda and timesheets should be visible or not.

Lead capture Booster

Admins have a lot more access rights and permissions in the Lead capture Booster. Read all about it here.


Admins can create and edit targets.


  • Admin users can see and edit all users.
  • Only admin users can have access to API & Webhooks.
  • They do not need holiday approval (feature available in our 'Boost' and FLOW packages). So even when an admin is in a team and you choose a responsible for holiday approval different from the admin, the holiday will be approved right away without an approval of the person assigned responsible.
    ! Important to note is that the admin needs to have access to Users, otherwise they'll still need approval by the leader of their team for their leave requests.



  • Only admin users will have access to the recycle bin.
  • MFA
    • All admins of an account will be able to see the MFA status of the users, regardless of their pricing plan.
    • Admins on the BOOST package will also have the option to enforce MFA for all users.

Note: Only the first admin user has access to all modules by default. In case you receive the access later, certain modules can still be activated for you. To find out how the current admin can do this, click here.

Teamleader Focus subscription

Only admin users have access to the 'Manage licence' page in the top-right corner of the account. Admins can: 

Billing information

In Teamleader Focus subscription > Billing information > Update billing information there is a field 'email' in which you can choose to which email address we should send your Teamleader Focus invoice. 

Important to know is that beside the email address filled in here, admin users also receive these invoices next to important emails on the Teamleader Focus licence. If you wish to turn this off for a certain admin or for all admin users, please contact us.


  • Admin users have access to all timesheets of all colleagues. Non-admin users only have access to the timesheets of their team members.
  • They can edit timesheets for all colleagues.
  • Under Settings > Time Tracking > Send daily HR report, admin users can choose to receive a daily HR report.


(Available in MOVE or BOOST or in the Project management Booster)

Shared inbox

(Available in BOOST or in the Shared inbox Booster)

Only admin users can use the bulk actions button in the ticket overview.