In this article, we will talk about three things:

  1. What is Ticketcloud?
  2. How can I use Ticketcloud?
  3. How can I change the layout of Ticketcloud?

What is Ticketcloud?

Ticketcloud is an online page you can share with your customer to give him or her an overview of their current outstanding tickets.

  • The status of the ticket can be viewed from within the platform
  • The customer can answer the ticket by clicking on 'reply' and they can even add an attachment
  • The answer of the customer will then be sent and registered in your shared inbox in Teamleader
  • In the 'ticket history', your customers can view all open tickets. There, tickets that have the status 'closed' won't be shown however

Ticketcloud is a similar platform as Invoicecloud or Projectcloud. Both platforms also show the customer an online overview of a) outstanding/past invoices (Invoicecloud) or b) the progress/roadmap of the project (Projectcloud). 

How can I use Ticketcloud?

In order to send a link to the online platform to your customers, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Shared inbox > Preference
  2. Enable the slider "Use ticketcloud to share tickets online"
  3. Whenever your customers send you a ticket, they will receive an autoreply bearing the link to Ticketcloud.

How can I change the layout of Ticketcloud?

You can choose which background your customers get to see by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Cloudplatforms
  2. Click on Cloud platform layout settings 
  3. Upload a background picture.The ideal size of your picture in JPG format is 1920x1080 px.
  4. Click on Save.