When creating or receiving tickets you might want to add them to one of your projects to keep track of all communication with your customer. You can! Read how to link your project to your ticket here.

Linking your project

To link a project to a ticket:

  1. Go to Tickets

  2. Click on the ticket which you want to link to a project

  3. Click on the pencil next to the ticket number to edit the fields

  4. In the field project, choose one of your projects and one of your phases

Note: The first phase of the project will automatically be selected but you can of course choose another phase in the field ‘Phase’.


In your project, you can find an overview of the linked tickets:

  1. Navigate to the project

  2. Click on the tab Project info in the header

  3. Scroll down to ‘Open tickets’


Time tracking project via ticket

You can also add time tracking to your project via this ticket. Read more about tracking time on a ticket here.
After you’ve added the time tracking, it will end up in the time tracking of your project as ‘separate’ time tracking not linked to a meeting or a task: